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Hello, and welcome to Orchidean Yarns. My name is Abby, I’m a wife and mum to two miracle boys aged 8 and 3. We live in a busy house in West London with Pepper our dog and Severus, our snake. I am a life long yarn addict and have been knitting and crocheting since I was 5 years old.

I have many passions in life – my family, animals, dōTERRA essential oils, sustainability and the protecting our environment so that we have something to leave our children. Most of these are not particularly relevant here but three that are:

  • knitting and crochet
  • colour (I have been dyeing my hair bright colours all my life, and now I dye yarn as well)
  • music – which is why most of my colour ways are named after tracks.

I started Luxury Yarns when my eldest was born because I wanted a business I could run from home and balance around limited childcare. It took me a long time and many rounds of IVF to get pregnant and I didn’t want to hand my baby over to someone else to look after, but equally always knew that I wasn’t cut out to be a 24/7 Mum and that it would be better for me and my child to have time away and something else to focus on.

Fast forward 8 years and almost 5000 sales, I realised that while I love this business, Luxury Yarns as a brand, is a bit limiting and perhaps in need of a refresh, hence Orchidean Yarns was born.

I still maintain that “life’s too short to knit with cheap yarn”, but felt that I wanted to include a range of yarns that aren’t necessarily “luxury”. So, in addition to my range of cashmere and silk I now have merino blends and alpaca blends and have included a sock yarn that has 20% nylon for added strength. I chose the name Orchidean – meaning characteristic of an orchid, because it seemed to fit – exquisite, delicate, comes in a myriad shapes, textures and colours, and embodies a sense of elegance and quality. It also leant itself to a lovely logo which was something Luxury Yarns never really had.

All Orchidean yarns are dyed in small batches which further enhances their exclusivity. I can create larger quantities to order, and if I am left with a single skein of a colourway you may find it slightly reduced in the Special Offers section. I will do shop updates at fairly regular intervals but please be aware that I also sell at fairs, so whilst I endeavour to keep my stock levels accurate there may be occasions where they are not.

Orchidean Yarns was recently chosen from all other independent hand-dyed brands at Fibre East 2019 to supply hand dyed yarns to The Knitting Hotel. 

Orchidean Yarns will remain a trading name and part of Luxury Yarns Ltd. The Luxury Yarns website is still active, but may be gradually phased out and everything  moved over here.  Most important of all, the service has not changed. I will continue to offer a personal touch, with the same attention to detail that you, my customers, come back for again and again.

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