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A cashmere goat in the Himalayan mountains of MongoliaAlmost all of my hand dyed cashmere comes from from Luxury Yarns where you will find a much wider range and you can read more about how it is made here.

All cashmere comes from the hair of the cashmere goat, native to the Gobi desert and surrounding plateaus stretching from Northern China to Mongolia.

The goat has two types of hair, a rough outer layer which repels the harsh weather, and a fine under-coat which insulates the animals, keeping them warm in freezing conditions. It is this fine hair which is used to make cashmere yarn, and separating these hairs is a time consuming process, traditionally done by hand.  Whilst technically all goats can produce cashmere, the fine hair only grows when the temperature drops well below freezing. Hence in order for the fibres to be long enough so that they do not pill they need to come from goats who live at extreme altitude where temperatures remain low all year round. This is why there are so many cheap cashmere products on the market but they are poor quality with low micronage and short fibres that will pill and wear. Hence his, combined with the relative scarcity of  goats that live at altitude, and the fact that each goat only produces around 150g of cashmere annually, that makes good quality cashmere it such an expensive commodity.

We currently have 2 types of hand dyed pure cashmere yarns:

Altopiano HD – aran weight
Di Lusso HD – 5ply/sport weight – mostly one off’s or Shfade Sets

If there is something you would like please let us know and we can create it for you.

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